Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



I am sailing in the boat of love
Will you come with me ?

There is no hate we believe in fate Will you come with me ?

My pocket is empty but happy
Will you come with me ?

They are full of golden coins
But not happy
Will you join them ?

They are murderer of dreams
Dreams of faith
Will you join them ?

They know how to break heart
Heart of honest
Will you join them ?

They killed many like me
Will you love them ?



Let’s enjoy the taste of freedom
Let’s enjoy in the open air of sweet and melodious songs of love and harmony full of patriotic mood

Not look at the snake hood
Let’s be humble take an oath
Oath for kindness and peace

Let’s make them aware of our
Uniqueness of brotherhood
Let’s feel proud to be good citizens of our ancient land of lord Krishana

Let’s drink water of the Ganga
Make our heart and soul pure
Let’s walk freely here in this eden
Let’s taste the freedom of thoughts

Let me think for those mighty dead
Who make us aware of our past
Let’s salute them for their sacrifice
Let’s celebrate our Republic day
Full of knowledge happy and gay.



She smiles
but heart cry
Her love is pure
dare not
Tell anything
Full of enthusiasm
shy express herself

My love my soul
Sitting on the edge
Of prime how I will
Meet her in the day
Or night

Her soft and shining
Eyes say everything
Desire of heart
Waiting for her
When she would
Be mine.




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