Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar




Consciousness guides to march onto goal
by force of divinity
heart ramps on gravity
to touch breath of blue
for soul to shy of magnet

gravity meditates to exalt core of exuberance
to long
ecstasy resounds to resolve arc of serenity . to belong
for peace to belong being awakened onshore

Yet from no where but from within quest solaces to evolve force centripetal
from bliss of bournie angel beacons to trudge path.

hope rocked in void spumes onto elegance to behold.artifacts of deaire
like stars studded milky path enlightens shadow to shambles into offshore
for wholesome perfection to prolong
Yet stretching into rune of attraction.



Entrenched power of love pines to peek
shy of love leaps up to weave wave of blush
Curve of rose croons to mellow complex.



Immortality is art of love eternal to pique up I
piquant face of mirror fluxes to flash of love sweetest
time travels to touch history of love.



No one is big or small to quantify
we are all human being of same wonder and glory,
million of stars beacon in night to guide.


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