Poems by Irannii Saikia

Poems by Irannii Saikia
Cave Of Mind
A marvellous cave
in a dense forest,
Mind became like a lake
that flows from heart
of our body.
Oceans, rivers and seas
were alive
by mind and thought
and core in soul.
Dreamland is your heaven
that prepared by you.
Ploughing the fields
for human beings.
Few in there
empty mind have destroyed.
For grains of paradise
we have taken
as a breath of heaven.
Came out and come out
Oh, miracle is in each mind
to unlock that treasures for us.
And you should go
Dotage love to show.
I have seen
Someone in there
They refined and cleaned.
Windy dust
surrounding us.
Prominence of greenery truth
grew up now,
In this earth
by birth and birth.
You and you
had promised
promote to each one too.
Fruitful thought that
we were gained and will gain.
Propelling a ship
through of these eyes
we can sail.
Cave of mind
then flash and flash again,
As a humanist or human beings.
Another two I am posting now
Silent Foot Print Of Tears
Mysterious universe
Majestic with destiny,
We are bless by God.
But suddenly and silently
A blind desire without strength
fall down from heaven.
Gift of tears that
I have tried to wipe out myself
with love or without !
Sailor as I’m
Sailing on a boat now by soul.
For vision
My inner spirit need to sing
a song whole day and night.
I have made a greenery garden
through a gift of tears
again and again.
My earliest dreams
that I have kept in my heart
to find out a new path.
Though I have seen
between death and life’s
as a silent foots print.
A moment Of Last Night
Gloomy night
No moon have alive.
I stood within an earshot
Inside of the mizzle drops,
Walked after zebra crossing
a vehicle I caught.
Like a post of palace
as a princes,
For that station needed to ran
Once more a moment for
before arrival of yours.
My heart beat became
very fast and fast,
Thought about knob
of life
have passed it away
as a camera roll.
Though were as mysterious goal.
I have remembered
those moment of last night.
Bats were came out to fly
in high
Whom peoples were devoted
F or a crescent needed to see
In the heaven
of divine services.
So in there again
I have started my gain
that act of gliding.

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