Poems by Rajan Mehra

Poems by Rajan Mehra
Voyage of Life
Voyage of life;
Discovery in one’s life,
Travel in water transport;
Way to the route to port!
Voyage travels at distant places;
Fay and clay at instant messages,
Shine and wine in dazzling nights;
Rhyme and dine in fizzling minds!
Merchant navy and marine corps
have a blissful adventure rides;
Tides and currents give a deadly nights!
Joy and happiness are cores;
Adventures bliss shallow pores,
Monotonousy makes life bore,
Seeds of change cuddles hopes!
Voyage of life;
a worthy experience,
A million dollars smile
gives you a various options!
Determination is which makes us different
Success doesn’t come easy,
Trials and tribulations are part
and parcel of life,
If you fall, stand again to try it
again and again!
Some take actions and some
just make reactions,
Unless and until one execute a plan;
the plan is only in papers,
not on ground reality!
Perseverance defeats poverty,
there will be occurrence of
motivation, visualization and analysis,
Grit and determination!
Hurdles will come, as clock timer
doesn’t stop rotating;
one shouldn’t stop trying or moving forward!
Great Scientists like Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Graham Bell tried hundreds and thousands of techniques, failed and again tried; those failures were the stepping stones towards success!
If you stay positive, you can conquer mountains,
Weak and negative feedback degrades the height of intensity and frequency!
Romancing Souls
Romancing souls live in fouls;
they shower love but act immaturely,
They cross the border of limits,
Infatuation catch them;
but balancing unhatch them!
Romancing souls dance in melody,
Clinching dearth of need;
Awakens the feed and seed,
Masquerade party in the tunes of reed!
Love has no boundaries;
Yet it has some society’s boundaries; romance crosses regions and religions,
but moods of the lovers are like seasons,
Quenching souls; wobbled by goals!
Nectar of joy and happiness prevails in the garden of Eden; magnitude of love touches sky vehemently, blind following and dates; hurdles in gates and waits!
Sometimes lust is the reason for love; the fallacy exists and legacy resists,
Nestle waters and pestle showers,
Illusions and disillusions;
Rising mercury, but heats up and down,
Sure and unsure about the directions!
© Rajan Mehra
Jan 25

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