Poems by Marjeta Shatro

Poems by Marjeta Shatro
Before it’s to late
I have started to not sleep like once.
I think for you,for us.
The night descends from the other world of dreams and me i wait in the window in silence.
When you come,tell me;
To catch the lost time together,
because the death knocks with speed.
The guardian angel to lead us in our way.
In search of oneself,in the meeting of stars
far away from the exterminatory emptiness,
Let’s enter the happiness in our soul,
before it’s too late,
before we left this world.
O magnificent trees of planes.
With your charm you fascinated me,
lushed the high sky
In the centuries of the frosty winter
and the hot summer,ancient signs.
The green leaves now they’ve blossom
The musk have dressed the peelings.
In the new branches make the nests the birds
and for the new season they sing!
I close my eyes only one moment.
I feel my heart as it beats.
I see the brightness.
That touches beyond thoughts
and i stay there again…
The deer of the wind
With the deer of the wind
i walked last night.
I came to you.
I found you with the eyes tearful
drowned in sighs.
…and i would like
to fence your world,
with the white arms of the light
to remove from the soul the darkness.
Solar girls
You solar girls,
With flying dresses
In the crossroads distribute light beam.
Light up the fires of the boys.
Burn the troubled souls.
Glow the colors of love.

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