Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha
Virgin Of Africa
Dark, lovely and beautiful
Rounded hips; wonderful
Pointed for potent feasts;
Those succulent breasts,
Heavily beaded, her waist
Her neck and her wrist.
Her tunnel, tiny and long
For the funnel such strong,
In the forest, for firewood
Within, far; the neighbourhood
At the stream to fetch water
She returns earlier than later.
Single; she is a pride
Married; she turns a bride
Pregnant; she is busy
Nursing, she is never lazy
Polygamous, she builds ladder
Widowed, she works harder.
How unfortunate she gets torn
When once, war strikes
First, broken is her horn
Killed, those she likes
Abduction she faces
Destruction she embraces.
Hunger becomes her twin
Starvation, her companion
Religion, she cannot win
Culture, turns her champion
Tradition her only inheritance
O Virgin of Africa.
Enslaved with hard labour
Household imprisonment
Battered, beyond martyrdom
Mortgaged beyond boredom
Raped, abused in the harbour
Virgin Of Africa; a monument.
Grazing in cities and highways
Grazing in schools and farmlands,
Grazing on lives and properties,
Herdsmenization; woes of nomadic farming.
Laying siege against a people
Waylaying indigenes for animals,
Ambushing citizens for beasts
Attacking and burning humans,
Herdsmenization; foes of nomadic farming.
They butcher scores
And leave sores,
They burn stores
And destroy chores,
They turn whores
For tiny pores,
Herdsmenization; woes of nomadic farming.
Killing for religion
Flesh for tradition,
Blood for culture
Animals for norms,
Cattle for heads
Cows for gurus,
Grasses for giants,
Fields for future,
Herdsmenization, foes of nomadic farming.
In Memory Of Those Killed By Herdsmen Especially In Benue State, Nigeria

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