O My Golden Motherland! / Poem by Lily Swarn

O My Golden Motherland!
Minds are fearful and heads lowered
Chins droop and sighs escape
As humanity muffles freedom
Documents and papers signed
Discussions , meetings held
Bills passed and flags hoisted
Foundation stones laid
Buildings constructed
Steel , chrome , concrete
Spit and polish
Adorning gateways to high tech revolutions
Wither humanity ?
Sobbing under wolves in sheep’s clothing
Cowering beneath mounds of horrific newspaper cuttings
Gang rapes of tender babies
Brutal assaults on “liberated ” women
Child trafficking in bizarre truckloads
Forgive me my mother land for my vicious tirade
I am not the ungrateful wretch that roams your earth freely
I am a bewildered avtar that hunts for the cherry blossoms and lilies
That once grew in unfettered bounty in my carefree soul
I pray for the soaring spirits of fledgeling pre teens
May they breathe freely in your warm embrace my country
May no head bow in dismay and horror
May this Republic Day bring hope to those
Suffering from narrow minds and tiny hearts
May the Lord’s largesse seep into the streams and rivers of my golden motherland
Copyright Lily Swarn 26.1.2018

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