Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal

Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal



Once thought meek as mighty
O’ Lord mine, in assimilating You, my Word!
But, mind mine waver on waves,
As lives unfolding stories hitherto unheeded!

Double speak, one on for, while
Other just opposite being floating on heath!?
Actions against proclaimed words,
Survive survival subsequent, as subsong ever!?

Persists perceived notions pure,
Through mother’s milk, as follies under sun!
‘Better keep mum’, remains order
Of the day, for men of astute knowledge too!?

Spirit in body with pain in hearts,
Hope soulfully in love, time may tame it all!
Naïve heart in truth unfailingly pray,
Ordeal in heathern chaos, upon you my Word!



Anxiety in angst
Keep you hectic in mind?
It’s all His Will
For finding the way proper!

Innocence though
Virtue virtual for salvation;
Slips deep in marsh
Being pray as gullible or crooked!?

Water mixed with
Waters may be of same fate !
Who’s to claim it
A boost virtuous in paths pure!?

But, fails to accept
He’s cajoling himself ever!?
Playing with truth
To convert covert intends!?

Please any in quest,
But, failure drastic on look him;
As he daunts his preys,
For the Lord never shuts His eyes!?



History repeats ever
For men love to adhere
To gains of materials always!
Be it one for pleasures!?
There remains some
Who’s unknown ever,
For submission to Cross
Sacrifices ardent in vain!?
Once a bishop advices
Disciple his own to be
Sacrificing for the sect;
Which every sectarian
Leader proclaim ever!?
While consenting in node,
Poor man doesn’t fail
In anxious mind ever,
What for this Lordship demand!?
Is it for the men who
Clad in white but with
Mindset black ever craving,
For crazy life some how
Or other for indulgence!?
Leaders of polity too!?
Then, may not we be
In our plight to Him
From times immemorial;
Be with spade and sickle,
For it’s our icon and pleasure!?

(All rights reserved by
Alby Raymond Parackal)



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