Rima Re

Rima Re
Rima Re ( a.k.a. Ranimah ) was born in Indonesia but have been living in Singapore since marriage with poet/writer Singaporean husband.
Born in 1977, Rima Re attended college & a Certified Nurse for many years before turning to writing mainly poetry.
To date, Rima Re has had 3 individual & 6 anthologies published namely;
-Lukisan Angan Rima Re
-Syair Rindu Rima Re
-Syair Rindu II Rima Re
-Jejak Temasek Anthology-Singapore
-Cakar Nanar Anthology-Malaysia
-DSN Anthology-Singapore/Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand.
-Ombak Rindu Sonian Anthology-Indonesia
-Pulara 6 Anthology-Malaysia
-Pulara 7 Anthology-Malaysia
-Literare Connexiun Anthology-Romania
-Oir Ese Rio Anthology-Columbia/Argentina
-A Constellation Of 100 Poetic Stars Anthology-Singapore DSN International.
& Rima is still active in many other anthologies. Rima Re had participated in numerous local, Regional & Internatonal Poetry & Cultural Festivals.
2018, Rima Re is anticipated to attend at least 6 International Festivals from more than 1 dozen already received invitations from namely, Romania, Spain, Poland, Greece, Uruguay, Equador, India etc.
Poems by Rima Re
Be Good
Let us lend a hand
To all our friends
Be kind,
Be good women and men
Show them that we understand;
We must protect
We must respect
To all our friends
With kindness we must act
When they are troubled;
We help to repair
Show them that we care
If they are worried;
We hear and listen too
We help them through
Give them a smile,
Spend some time with them
For a while..
Be kind, be good
We give to our friend’s needs
And The Almighty
Will reward your deeds
Peace and love will live
For a friend in need
Is a friend indeed
Twilight guests
That night I want to get you
As a guest of mine
Although the wound wrapped around my body
I let her bleed and I surrendered
In my heart there is a feeling that never changes
Love never disappeared
Despite the fact
You never existed
When my tears fall into usury
I want you to know
That I always miss you
In laughter and tears
I want to see you happy
Even wounds and tears
It’s always in every step of our way
Tearful greetings in my prayers
May you always be in His protection
A Poet’s Mind
Poetical brain wave
Chimerically avant-garde
Visionary ..
In succulent symphony
In soulful melody
Stimulating mellifluously
Tasty rich harmony..
In an exquisitely
Artistic calmness..
A poet’s mind
The way it should be
In Search Of A Blessing
From dusk to dawn
Working hard without groan
For the people I yearn
My perspirations are hard earned
No sweat is a hindrance
His blessings most important
Worship Him not in ignorance
Committed in our stance
We won’t go astray
Will stay on to fight another day
For future sake, we will pray
Hurdles passed in a blessed way..
Mencari berkah
Pergi pagi pulang petang
Banting tulang cari makan
Demi orang yang kusayang
Keringat Jatuh bercucuran
Penat letih tak kuhiraukan
Moga dapat keberkahan
Ibadah jangan ditinggalkan
Jadikanlah satu pegangan
Agar kita tak sesat jalan
Teruskanlah perjuangan
Demi capai masa depan
Hadapilah segala rintangan
I love you
My eyes sparkle when i see you
Penetrate deep in to my heart
I’m not just saying the word
I said with all my soul
By looking at you
I’m happy enough
Your sweet smile
And your lips like pomegranate
Always be able to melt my heart
And beat my ego
When silence is my way
So i can understand you better
Until the time will answer all that
For silence love
that we sow last night
Untill the down reaches
This love will still shine
That’s how i am
I love you
I said honest and sincere
From deep in my heart.
Rima Re

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