Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu



Walking on the road
where love is planted, fraternity meets,
build by the loyalty
smiling with worldly pleasures
flying to embrace happiness.

laid beauties,in front of the house are waiting for you
the life path, life will fortify you,
wanders without turning head
InshaAllah will overcome life’s lessons
I wish, in the calm waters, to enjoy the goodness.

age, replaced childhood
now, carefully, calmly, enjoys the pleasures,
smiling, pour love to feel the warmth
safe stepping, place the future in the safe railway.
challenges knock in the way of the future
at the mercy of time, paved are roads,
like two pearls, embrace each other more than ever
life continues to flow in oasis of prosperity.

You are not alone, Queen Mother of life is supporting you
yes, the storms of life will hit uninterrupted,
head-up, sail confidently
from troubled waters, into quiet of paradise oasis.

have offered us satisfaction, that much we needed
opened chest doors, sheltered us ,
your generous virtue, adorned our being
we have found at you, nest of love …



Verses Knight…
dedicated to Robert Natello

As apocalypse scene shattered the poets world
softly harsh in language ,
brilliant mind that even poems get drunk
entered impetuous, heart generosity,
into arena of literature, gladiators welcomed him.

War cry was sent by Homeland
still a boy, lover of the beautiful letter,
honor, generosity which collapsed even heaven served on the fairest unit
Corpsman medicine illuminated wounded.

Lover of beauty, INAMORATO of all times
follows the path, invites, come with me
echo is resounding the space.

There is a road of gold out there.
You just have to know where clause.
It covers Across the rolling hills,
lined with flowers everywhere.

Is hidden between arrays Noble generosity
the miracle of the poet invites the unknown
come along my friends.

Passionate, goes beyond the world of pleasure
Gentlemanlike finds its place in the oasis,
there in lies the everlasting testament
time will never forget The Poet…


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