Prof Ada Aharoni is a poet, writer, and professor of literature and sociology, who was born in Cairo, Egypt, and now lives in Haifa, Israel. She has published 33 books to date that have won her international acclaim. She writes in English and Hebrew and her works have been translated into several languages. She believes that literature and culture can help heal the urgent ailments of our global village, such as war, terror, and poverty, and the themes of peace and conflict resolution are major ones throughout her poetry and her historical novels and biographies.
She studied at London University, where she received her M. Phil. Degree on Henry Fielding, and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where she was awarded a Ph.D. on Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature, Saul Bellow She taught English Literature at Haifa University, and Sociology and CR: Conflict Resolution, in the department of Humanities, at the Technion in Haifa. She has been a Guest Lecturer and visiting professor at several American and European universities.
Her poetry collections and novels, have lately also been published as eBooks on Kindle Amazon, 2017. Her book of poems: Rare Flower (Dignity Press, US), was a candidate for the Nobel Prize. She is recipient of several prizes and awards, among them the British Council Award, the President Shimon Peres Peace Prize and the World Golden Crown of Poetry. She is the Founding President of IFLAC: International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace.
For more information about the Poet please see:
Ada Aharoni on Wikipedia
Poems by Ada Aharoni
“They shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree, and none shall make them afraid.” (The Holy Bible, Micha, 4,4)
“He who walks with peace, walk with him” (The Koran, Sura 48)
My Arab sister, let us build a wonder bridge
from your fig tree and vine to mine
above the boiling pain of the Intefada battle
Salima, my Arab sister, when will we laugh again
like two women, instead of weeping on our sons’ stones?
You and me, Salima, my friend, on this wonder bridge
from your culture to mine, from my culture to yours
in the fragrance of blossoming jasmine, holding hands
whispering secrets about our loves, our children, our plans,
and our deepest, deepest yearning for a bright free sky
crowned by twinkling peace stars.
I do not want to be your oppressor, you do not want to be my oppressor,
or your jailer, or my jailer, we do not want to make each other afraid
under our vines and under our fig trees blossoming on a silver horizon
above the bleeding of our children by stones, bullets and missiles.
So, my Arab sister, let us build a sturdy bridge
of tolerant jasmine understanding, where each shall sit with her baby
under her vine and under her fig tree
Children Are Stars of Peace
You were born with loving smiles
Star seeds of peace
You are life you are future
You do not want to die in wars
Smart children, armed
With smart phones and computers
You will shoot your peace beeps
All over our global village
Your rapid fingers will bring us
What we failed to bring you –
A world where not one gun is fired
A world of twinkling stars of peace.
Despite our wars, despite our tears,
Despite our furtive fears
We welcome the smiling Year of Hope.
The power of women for peace is rising,
Democracy and the Internet are spreading,
Global poverty has been cut in half –
Never have ordinary people, like you and me,
Had more power to face challenges
And to decide our own fate of Non-killing.
We’re poised on the edge of the cliff between
Our oldest fears of terror and war
And our deepest dreams of peace.
We face a choice – to rise to this moment in time
And be the Peace we want to see –
It all depends on us, for we peace lovers
Are the largest global community!
In this Year of Hope, let’s joyfully embrace
The golden sunbeam of Hope gladly waltzing
Toward twinkling Global Peace.
Prof. Ada Aharoni – IFLAC Founding President, sends her greetings of hope and peace for the Middle East and for all our Global Village.




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