Shtëpia Botuese “ADA” publikon Nr 201 të periodikut letrar, Revistën ” OBELISK” / Botuesi: Roland Lushi

Shtëpia Botuese “ADA” publikon Nr 201 të periodikut letrar,  Revistën ” OBELISK” Publikohet Nr 201 i Revistës Letrare ” Obelisk” organ i Shtëpisë Botuese “ADA”. Në këtë numër lexuesi do të njihet me publikimet më të fundit të Shtëpisë Botuese … Continue reading

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha



I am not proud of such glory of gains
These are indeed, perishable in vain
I am no more than a particle of dust
A creeping worm before almighty burst .

I will try to observe light inside you
Suggest to kill overwhelming ego due
Let us recall celestial divine view
To revive pure humanity within you .

Express indebtedness to someone due
They are indeed, more superior to you.
Bow down your head with inner respect
To those who honour you with no expect .

Be sensible to someone’s grief and pain
Explode your compassion as everfalling rain
Be a reason of his smile without any gain
To create paradise of love within you.

Light of Creativity That Enlighten You
Malice and self – esteem, to view
To differentiate between these two.
Decide which is an essence for you.

Try to use knowledge within you
For the welfare of human being -hue
This is only infinite way in que
To transform into wisdom for view.

Simple -clarity dignifies life belongs to you
Buddha and Gandhi observing your ideology due
Nourish the circumstances with serenity of Love
Reproduce consequences to revive infinite Love .

A divine way to replace jealousy by perfume of love.
Feel me within you , I will be spirit of your Love
Glory of my achievements will be yours…oh my Love !
As we do claim Buddha as ours,” Light Of World Peace And Love ”



I like to captivate golden beams of dawn
To play with your opulent mass of red hair .

Mellifluous melody of my love song
Recalls your attention , oh my dear !

You rush towards me stretching hands,
Weaving long hair in honour of me.

You strip off pride of your glory
To entwine with me, oh my love !

I will really steal sober moon for you
To bathe you with her silver – beams.

Two souls gladly fuse together
To feel the breath of ultimate joy .

Beneath the rainbow across the sky
We sing and dance with impalpable joy.

The earth paints her lover, the sky
With her passionate crimson lips .



I may not need to hear
any word.
If I know the language
of heart .
I can understand
my beloved
without uttering
any word.
Her eyes are enough
to certify
them all.
Non-verbal expression
restricts hypocritic
Rhythmical flow of melody
of her heart discloses
true pattern
of her love .
Her facial expression
may spell
louder than her speech.
Body language may again
there to support
the mode of
her romantic

Poezi nga Mimoza Çobo

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Poezi nga Zamira Agalliu

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UZAQDAKI HAVA – Alicia Minjarez Ramírez / Azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə edən: Təranə Turan Rəhimli

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Dilip Kumar Mewada

Dilip Kumar Mewada   Date and place of birth: 7 September 1971   At Denup, a village in Mehsana district, Gujarat State, India   Education: Graduated in science (Physics) from Government Science College, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat State, India   Poetic … Continue reading