Dilip Kumar Mewada

Dilip Kumar Mewada
Date and place of birth: 7 September 1971
At Denup, a village in Mehsana district, Gujarat State, India
Education: Graduated in science (Physics) from Government Science College, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat State, India
Poetic activity: Started composing poems in 2001, and composed many Hindi/Urdu and English poems
Vocation: Occupied in teaching field
Published Poems: Gardish-e-Dauran, book of Urdu Ghazals and Nazms & Rang-e-Hayaat, book of Urdu Nazms in Roman script with English translation.
Anthologies: Guldasta-e-Ghazal, Karwan-e-Ghazal, Khushboo-e-Ghazal, Kavya Kalash, Rooh Ki Aawaz, Khanak Aakhar Ki, Kashti Mein Chand, Alfaaz Ke Gunche
Awards: “Kavya Ratna” from Pratibha Manch Foundation, “Sahitya Shree” from Anuradha Publications and “Sahitya Sarathi” from K.G. Publications
Perfumed breeze and nice is the weather
Let’s compose a poem you and me together
All are fragrant like flowers in heart’s street
The marks which are made by your retreat
Thorns pricked when I passed through field
But by smiling a flower all wounds healed
Thanks that your thoughts were with me
Otherwise I could not swim alone in love’s sea
Frankly, love is really a very sweet pain
Heart needs it from you again and again
When The Sun Arrives…
Mist starts disappearing on the arrival of sun,
Birds leave their nests and set off for their jobs.
Breeze arrives to spread fragrance of the flowers,
Butterflies & bumble bees come to pollen flowers.
How punctual everyone in their tasks…
Whenever I focus my eyes on the nature’s beauty,
Entire material-world starts turning fade,
And my heart starts verbalizing
Wow! How beautiful is nature’s trade!
The naughty winds slide
On the white frozen icy slope
Days of winter laugh ! .

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