Poems by Dr. L. Sr. Prasad

Poems by Dr. L. Sr. Prasad





Wake up! Wake up! There the serpent is sleeping! Wake up the serpent!
In three and half coils it lies in a dark cave of ignorance, the power dormant!
When you open the doors of that cave, you can see three paths of ascent!
Illumined by moon, sun and stars the main streams of divine energy scent!

The first vortex of energy spins red in its four petal-lotus and ignites the Élan Vital,
It is the root chakra that craves personal security and needs in reality elephant stall!
In appointments and disappointments the snake hisses ‘lum’, fire red and smoke ball!
The childishness and innocence is ignited by the incense of basic needs of rise and fall!

In the youthfulness of orange red the fires in body brighten with flames of hunger,
Life learns the lessons of flight and fright Adrenaline surges in ‘one’s own base’ hanger!
Cupid’s arrows hit straight below the belt, some unknown fires scorch the gardens of desire!
The serpent dances in the ‘vum’ whirls of eight petals in the golden palaces of dream affair!

In the intermediate stage of self-discovery the thinking goes yellow in luster and power,
The triangle of space points downwards, the noise vibrates in echoes of ‘rum’ in vortex tower!
The ten petals of yellow lotus spread its glow in the waters of life, controls the thirst yonder!
Life looks for the comforts of science and economics, bonds increase in the afternoon splendor!

In the Emerald green garden the ‘unstuck’ divine melody touches the twelve petals of lotus,
The yin and yang powers stroll in the sigils of a hexagram, the breeze sings ‘yam’ in hiatus,
The joy of love goes green or yellow in shades of ethereal passions of uncertain impetus,
The serpent hisses in kisses and misses in between earth and sky, with up and down status!

In the pure state the enjoyment serpent reaches the sixteen petal-lotus of turquoise blue,
In the crescent palace in a circle of blue, the serpent hisses ‘hum’ celestial sounds to glue,
The power of communication, thoughts transforming into sounds and noises giving clue,
Here the syrinx or larynx modulates the basic sounds; the butterfly gland makes words flew!

All roads become one in this vortex between the eye brows; here lies the command center,
Two petal- lotus like the wings of a free soul in celestial flight, with violet tint on snow winter,
Ida and pingala uniting with Sushumna the end of duality, the land of enlightenment to enter,
It is the ‘third eye’ the power of wisdom, intelligence and intuition one becomes the mentor!

The kundalini serpent reaches the highest spiritual centre the pure consciousness project,
The bright white timeless, space less palace of thousand petals without subject or object,
Illumined with the power of self-realization a state of liberation where everything is light,
The shadows n shades die, the strings n bonds disappear, one understands the truth right!

O sojourner! Realize! Realize! The serpent is descending! Watch the downfall of the serpent!
In three and half coils it lies in its dark cave of ignorance, the power becomes again dormant!
When you close the doors of that cave, you can see nothing but the darkness in your resent!
Darkened by ego, power and greed the streams of divine energy got clogged in human scent!




Of Man’s first disobedience, and the fruit of that forbidden tree
Whose mortal taste brought death into the world and our entire woe spree,
With loss of Eden and the expulsion of our prime parents Adam and Eve and their story,
The great John Milton brought before us vividly with his imagination forward to carry,

Sing, Heavenly Muse, about the pithos opened by Pandora the first woman in Greek,
On her way to the Earth how like a curious cat she defied the rules of Gods on Olympus peak,
Sooner she opened the lid how disease, death and war left the pitcher or box in a streak,
By the time she closed the lid what left in the pithos were hope and peace in a corner creek!

Sing, Heavenly Muse, about the battles and wars that devastated humanity like plague,
How the root red vortex of anger spun crimson blood and red wounds into earth rogue,
How the corridors of love and alleys of friendship were turned into killing fields of vogue,
I invoke thy aid to my war-a- dice song to reveal the destroyed color-wheel of nature’s league!

I may assert Eternal providence and clarify the ways of modern dogs of war to men,
And blast them in their own furnaces of hate and cauldrons of brewed violence omen,
What seduces them to this revolting massacres and genocides of their own kith and kin,
About that infernal serpent that took over the minds and throats of these killers akin,

Here I recite the first murder by Cain the first human born, and Abel was the one first to die!
First weapon was a stone, the killer argued,’ Am I my brother’s keeper?’ with the most High!
The covenant was broken many times by men; God sent deluges and thunderbolts from sky,
With growing science n confidence man defied Nature’s laws, made earth a replica of hell dry!

A dungeon horrible, on all sides around Mexican walls, Syrian furnaces and Gaza strips,
Land mines in deserts and sea depths, missiles and satellites in constant alert trips,
Regions of sorrow, legions of religious cut-throats, immigrants flying like flies in death drips,
Doves flying with olive branches shot dead at the earth borders by the war merchant creeps!

Here now peace and love can never dwell, hope never comes, and that comes to all dirty,
But torture without end, still urges and a hate gas deluge, fed with ever burning poverty,
Such place now this earth is, wilting under the vicious plans of a few tricksters of polity,
Yet, hope one day we can put back the death, diseases n war back into the pithos of sanity!


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