Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



Our love is true
Ups and downs
We have gone through
Our feelings are profound
No reason to doubt
Build the trust
Let love communicates
Love passionately
Fragrance intoxicates
On bed of roses
Treasure every moment
We are destined together
You are my shallow
Inseparable at night
When dawn breaks
You are my light
Shower with love
Give me reason to smile
Basking in love’s sunshine
Hearts and souls unified
Drenching into passion
Lasting till eternity.



Listen to the rhythm of the rain falling
Howling winds blowing
Every music note of the symphony
Singing a sweet melody

Rivers clapping to the rhythm of the flow
Meandearing as they go
Waves are loud in the ocean
Drumming a crescendo

Nature and music soothingly bind
Butterflies fluttering in the wind
Proudly displaying it’s vibrant wings
Birds freely sweetly sing

Music scintillates one’s soul
Moments of peace and rhythm it hold
That reverberates the heart
Peace of mind and joy it imparts

Sing a song of freedom
With beautiful flow of rhythm
Dance to the rhythm of music gracefully
Enjoy the melody of life happily.


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