Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary

Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary



Words create all our worlds O Bards
Let us sing of the Almighty like birds
The Divine Light gleams in all gloom
Dispelling dark with wisdom’s bloom

It must not be right to fight for a right
When all living is propelled by insight
Lives linked to lies generate our woes
Perverse thinking creates all our foes

Let our hearts overflow with humanity
Bettering all lives with.rare equanimity
Let our minds mirror our lofty thinking
Saving all voyaging ships from sinking

As glowing sparks of all celestial flame
We should never seek flamboyant fame
Let our pens pour rare melody like larks
Glorifying our dwelling as divine sparks.



Mother, the Ganges springs from thy brain
Flowing through thy lofty heart in the main
Raining grace thine on the agricultural land
Creating oases in our desert-like heart land

Thy rivers flow fairly to quench all our thirst
Encountering enterprisingly adversity worst
The Himalayas adore by crowning thy head
Breastfeeding many rapacious rivers at.bed

Thy Poetry acts as the breath of many lives
The song of a bird enlivens life that thrives
Let us Indians live in peaceful coexistence
Solidifying bond of affinity sans resistance

Let us sing in splendour our national song
Full-throated glee revives our zeal for long
Let thy glory become source of inspiration
Fascinating all gleefully genuine adoration.



Beam with beauty in buoyant bloom
Ceasing the fears looming in gloom
Greet gorgeous flowers with a smile
Spending each day without any guile
Love-led life keeps momentous mirth
Enlivening the stream of blissful birth
Let us render all cheering hearts hale
Enthusing one another with a fair tale
Let us learn from nature how to thrive
Leading our living with passion’s drive
When rapture sources our imagination
We progess positively with purification
Let us follow rectitude in life’s all walks
Speaking out great thoughts in our talks
Let us ennoble our living without enmity
Nurturing rapturous relations with amity.



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