Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty
Solely concerned
we are with our own suvival
hardly think others who coexist
with us have life of their own
the worst victims of our selfishness
and misadventure here
We lament
our own survival is at stake
existence in jeopardy
with global warming,
environmental pollution and attitude of man
putting a serious question mark
as to whether there will be any life on earth
So obsessed we are with our own survival
hardly pay any attention to
the environment that nourishes us
the culture that sustains life on earth
Man being the most clever and
assertive animal on earth has deprived
others of their due
endowed on them by the almighty
and made a mockery of their life
how many of us accept the
truth that this beautiful earth is
as much ours as it is theirs
There is a limit to exploitation
a limit to the theory of survival of
the fittest, beyond a limit non will
survive and the fittest will
succumb to the ire of nature
Time to rethink and reorient ourself
time to internalise our cultue
that stands for love and reciprocation
spirit of tolerance, compromise
and peaceful coexistence
Let ‘live and let live’ be the motto
or else we only we will be
held responsible for the complete
annihilation of life on this beautiful earth.
My friend!
thousand miles away you are
on the other side of the boundary
yet so near
so close to my heart
so close to me
my happiness and sorrow
in the soul of my soul
in the pupil of my eyes
in the string of my heart
I have not seen you
i have not heard you
i do not know
if ever i will meet you
but my heart throbs for you
my ears crave for you
my eyes dance in joy
to have a glimpse of yours
as if you are someone very close
very special
a part of me and my soul
In moments of stress
i find you by my side
lovingly smiling and consoling me
teaching me the lessons of life
its beauties and intricacies
and the ways to live and love it
My friend!
when i do not see you
do not find you in your pages
i feel so horrible
my days become so incomplete
nights so noisy
you can not imagine
you do not know what you mean to me
you are one of my worthiest possessions
your friendship
my biggest accomplishment
without which just a beggar i am
begging for an iota of love and concern
so rare here
My friend!
where ever you are
be happy
be always for others
like a pillar of support
shining and inspiring
and spreading the language of love
and brotherhood everywhere.


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