Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal

Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal
Our Artificiality
Constant learning, gaining knowledge,
Knowledge polishing our brains,
Bestowing us with all the artificiality—
The knowledge of known and unknown—
Snatching all of our innocence,
Converting us from raw to refined,
Teaching us the ways of the world,
Polluting our guiltless souls,
Teaching us to be treacherous,
We are never the same having Nature within us,
We are artificial, enemies of ourselves.
Eyes of Nature
The sun and the moon
Delegates of Nature’s boon
Are not interested to commune
Considering each other lampoon
But they are quite immune
To each other’s repugn.
They wait for one another’s departure
To show themselves sharper.
The sun takes lead as a scorcher
While the moon follows with ardor
They cannot accept each other’s presence
While they are each other’s essence.
Nature is incomplete without its two eyes
Who are not befriended as allies
As they are not ready to compromise
However, with one eye’s demise
The Nature is going to paralyze
Their separate existence is what Nature can finalize.
Sun’s Communication
The sun peeping into my little universe,
With its stimulating sunlight,
Percolating into my soul,
Highlighting the brilliance,
Shadowing the dark,
Communicates to me in a soft, modest tone,
Attempting to make me realize,
That nothing is so colossal than life itself.
The sun promises to accompany my heart,
With all its radiance,
Illuminating my soul intrinsically,
Concealing my miseries,
Boasting of my strengths,
Enlightening my mind with all its supremacy,
Adding colors to my little universe, telling me,
That nothing is so colossal than life itself.
The Pretentious Sun
The sun remained facade for hundreds of decades and decades,
Bestowing the creatures with the warmth and energy,
Getting nearer and closer with all its heat.
Along with all its pretentiousness,
It also managed a taunting appearance for all those,
Thankful to it for its benevolence.
Whenever the creatures looked towards it,
Its taunting behavior shunned them to adore it,
They always attempted escape,
Concealing themselves,
Seeking cover from its wrath,
But also expecting it to be munificent.
However, it neared and neared,
Leaving all its pretentiousness,
Endangering the survival of the creatures,
Uniting with the seas, skies and earth,
Planning against the creatures,
To drag the world back to its desertedness.

2 thoughts on “Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal

    • Knowledge and opinion are strange associates, at once friends and enemies. When friends, they work together seamlessly, kindling each other’s inner fires. When enemies, they are bloodthirsty rivals who give each other no quarter.
      The relationship between knowledge and opinion is similar to that between responsibility and irresponsibility. Knowledge and responsibility are dyadic twins; they imply each other, impel each other, and compel each other. Opinion and irresponsibility are naughty friends who make a pact to create trouble together. In my opinion knowledge is knowledge, there is no artificial knowledge, but the poetry of Syeda Maryam is full of thoughts & knowledge.

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