Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


A Burden Freeing Dance!

A row of avenue trees stand tall, when I see from
My house balcony everyday with the same hue of green
For all tree leaves giving a cool look under hot Sun!

But the one tallest among all trees is the cynosure,
When the cold wind passes through its leaves strong
Giving the impression that the tree is dancing free!

Various branches of the tree moving in different
Directions give the look of a dancer making movements
Of hands and legs in a unique way only she knows well!

Dance shakes off all unnecessary clingings to fall down
To free it from the burden of carrying such unwanted
Ones along with other living creatures on the branches!

Indeed dance surely makes one shake off all burdens
Making heavy in mind and a great relief from then on!


Where has Nonviolence Hidden?

Father of nonviolence, Mahatma Gandhi is no more in the world;
He is not only father of nation but also father of nonviolence;
Transcending his own nation he has make his mark in the world;
Today we pay homage to him on his day of remembrance everywhere!

In the violent world today, if you follow nonviolence, you will
Be nowhere in no minutes after being made into nonentity by the
Perpetrators of extremism, terrorism and wars in the world sure!
This is the status quo of the world in which we are living now!

Indifferent bureaucrats administrating the affairs of the world,
Only inhuman, money minded, greedy men do all businesses ever
Exploiting technology and natural resources for their benefit
And profit caring nothing about pollution, nuclear proliferation!

Is this called civilization of modern world we label as progress?
What is the difference between man and machine in this world of
Competition against time that is going on to fulfil targets ever?
Hardcore terrorists taking advantage of weapons destroy world..!

Both so called civilized and savage clash between themselves to
Mould the world as they like and proceed on endless war as it was
A daily routine during the Vietnam war time in the past world…;
That kind of stage the world is driven to before falling into abyss!

Art, Nature and humanism are out of order now needing resuscitation
Before a major operation has to be carried out to remedy the chronic
Illness by pumping oxygen of goodness and love of human culture to
Breathe deep so as to reach normalcy of health sooner or later sure!


Nature Rules All with Pain and Pleasure!

Bright and beautiful smiles of flowers invite all
Like the Sun at dawn and at its zenith in Winter
With warmth and relief from cold effect of night!

Winter night is hellish, but winter morning is warm
As heavenly comfort nothing can offer in this world
Making all become brisk to do all kinds of job well!

What a pain and pleasure Nature offers to all in all
Climatic conditions of the four seasons round the year
Like day and night hot and clod effect kindling feelings!

Feelings of pain and pleasure all cannot escape ever
As we are all dancing to the tunes of Nature in all the
Four seasons of the year knowingly or unknowingly sure!

Beauty of Nature kindles pleasure, but harshness of
Weather kindles hellish pain to live and die sans fail!


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