Poems by Varsha Saran

Poems by Varsha Saran
My shadow is my divine sister
Every time walks on with me
Sometimes hidden
Sometimes visible
But dancing , playing , screaming with me in every situation of my life
My companion encourages me , day and night
To get my goals
And fly to touch the seventh sky of success
She gives energic boost to my wings by praising words
Somewhere hidden in me
My loving sister
My shadow
My ‘me’
Where I hold my own hands
In the form of divine!!
Those who are broken
Are tough and valuable
Like a diamond
Because adverse time made them
Beautiful like a Rose
In the snowy weather
And whose brokenness gives birth to
A new chapter in their lives
A chapter of wisdom and understanding
A transformed personality
That is now shining like a multidimentional Diamond
Every body wants to keep this metal
Or have a company of black old carbon!!
This life can be a struggle
Different methods we can choose
To win this amazing battle,
Each person with some flaws
But we all are the children of the same God, beautiful and powerful all
Every one is unique to live their lives
And have special weapons to fight
So live and let live others with their own styles!
You are your own Sun
You are your own Sun
petrified of all sort of darkness
all the negativity of dirty , damp chamber of self suffocation,
Sun of yours ,not only stabilise you properly on this earth…
But gives energy and life to others too,
It’s Light is essential
For the greenery of life
Without greenery no one can imagine
Any action !!!
But we have to channelise the regulation of the rays of light
Not very hot as the rays of Sahara due to proud or anger
Or not as minimum and low, due to depression,
as the rays of ‘Antartica’ !
Because our thoughts are in our hands
It’s your wish, how to handle!!
Balanced thoughts not only build your character and personality
But also helpful for the entire society!!
Varsha Saran@copyright

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