Sunita Paul, one poetic voice braided through philosophy “thought” and creativity “Women” – By: Agron Shele / Translated by: Irida Zusi

Sunita Paul, one poetic voice braided through philosophy “thought” and creativity “Women” 

BY: Agron Shele

“Poetry should be the natural explosion of our soul” – Anatole France

Reading the poems of the Indian author Sunita Paul, of course, that the first thought leads you to those fascinating explosions of the soul itself, to reflect the reflection of experiencing feelings, but also to present the human dimension in confrontation with the space that surrounds her, the time at which operates and the mentality she seeks to express as a philosophical notion in relation to the self-consciousness itself that characterizes her. Poetry is one that knows no bounds, always come to the extreme, towards the latest limits, as a solemnity but also as a glimpse of selection of words and deeper meanings,to always remain as an universal aspiration that sounds “the same” symphony in all languages of the world, mysticism, astonishment, refraction of visions and perfection of ideas and thoughts! The poetical collection of Sunita Paul refers to the life tableau, with all its variety and colors, made with vocal music, mainly in regular poetic forms, where the poem rhyme and string structure pursue full swing and great meanings, for the self-representation of the naturalized person within the fettle and emotions that permeate it. Watching it in multi-dimensional perspective view of construction and elevated structure, message, form (content) and findings we will immediately understand a different poem, a poem raised over a great experience of analytics and psychics of the word, a poetry conceived in aphoric way and moreover a poem of the most contemporary suggestion and technique. The dualism over through spiritual and physical state are the two main elements that the author eludes in her poetic findings, but also a fragmentation of the relative concept of self-being itself that is formatted as an ever-moving substance and the endless search for the fulfillment of those visions and imaginations that raises in other heavens, and other confusion to touch with the eyes of imagination the overwhelming and the unattainable. Of course past experiences always brave its travel with time, they break it down and raise it to walk again, they make it die then revives it to follow the charged mission, that in the poetic aspect is always human, psychological, but also philosophical and moreover, one more opportunity to open a pathway of light, to radiate the traces and signs of its own life itself.

The symbolism used, figuration, and naturalization with the elements of nature is a form that produces strings of color, it gives honorary meaning to the word, and more over, it makes it more sensitive, more touching and more launchers for the reader.

The whole environment poetic of this author relies on the metaphysics of life, the spaces and the possibilities to decipher the time and its passage (its past), as the relativity of concepts and vision for what comes and what it should set as a new model. Reading the poetic verses instills you in nonsense circles and visuals that often coincides through that braided struggle between being or non-existence, knowledge and derecognition, the perpetual disturbance that follows man as waves disturbs the sea and in the metaphorical sense he has to navigate eternally to reach near that shore, which keeps even more far from himself, but that feeds and nourishes it with the hope that he can and must attain it. Another poetic concept is the shape, is the form brought through the lucidity and the language of the surreal images with which the author often like to play, the shaded graphic appearance behind that deep imagination that portrays him and beyond the shadows to throw light and to touch the latest edges with poetic spirit. In addition, let us pause in some poetry and follow the curve of poetic graphics, the following message, but also the degree of the used figuration.

“I have no name,

Until you name me.

I have no form

Until you shape me.

I don’t exist,

Until you make me,

I am creativity………..”

In the poem “Creativity” is expressed the double state but also including even the confrontation with the man himself, who in the experiencing world finds its own space for identity or not, if he could barely create a form (pattern) or not, to reach up to the symbolic boundaries of the biggest suspicion (doubt), that if existence of itself, or simply remains just a tiny particle that transmits the given impulse, the fragmentation of that splendor that creatively will shine forever. In the following verses in this poem, the fettle is spiritualized and the flow of thoughts coincides with the revival, as an uninterrupted, perfect and constantly ongoing process. In “Me, myself and I” poem the author highly focuses in the figure of the woman, as an exotic exterior appearance, but with inward and open minds, which is always symbiosis of pain and love, of values and prophecy of life, and as such it rises and sanctifies itself in the highest gods of the gods.

“I may fall,

But i will rise again,

Stand firm and tall,

Withstanding all pain.”

The emblematic figure of a woman also comes as a parable and reflection of the author itself, who as a poet brings it with all the ornaments that characterizes her, but also with the strength and great potential as a social power, which thanks to her engagement emancipates and regenerates every day the civilization in which we live.

The lyrical poetry is a topic that the author brings it through the strings full of light, sensuality, and eloquent verses of the word, and in all this effluence it adheres to the naturalization of feeling like a deep spiritual sensation and pure human love.

“Your loving shelter protects me from all pains,

I try to hide my tears in smiles,

With you darling I can cross many more miles.

Your love makes my beauty shine,

Even when times are dark, you make me feel fine.”

Poetry “You and Me” is a poem that characterizes love as a high form of perfection, that wanders almost in eternity and travels with the soul in all the seasons, in the spring covered with flowers but also in autumn pain’s drops, in the summer of rays of light but also in the wildest winter and as such, it remains the brightest beauty and coloration of all life coloring.

The full reading of the poetry collection of this author touches a wider range, it walks you in other muses, refracts the notion of time and immerses them into those perceptions, which come as a well-formed worldview, a vision straightforward tomorrow and thought as contemporary as universal.

Paul Sunita through her poetry, comes in the literary aureole as a creative mind, which through the word, artistic sudden findings, deep meanings and philosophy, seeks to tote other traces, to take other steps toward the infinite universe of world literature.


12 thoughts on “Sunita Paul, one poetic voice braided through philosophy “thought” and creativity “Women” – By: Agron Shele / Translated by: Irida Zusi

  1. This is simply wonderful. Agron Shele you make me spellbound by your beautiful presentation always. You have gone deep into my poetry and such a minute observation and detailed review is truly appreciated. Loads of accolades to you for this extremely painstaking work and I thank Irida for beautifully translating the whole review.
    Thank you Atunis, so proud to be a part of u.

  2. Well analyzed review on the poetic world of Sunita Paul. It’s a worth reading and sum up the ingredients of her poetry.
    My heartiest congratulations to Sunita, and thanks to Agron Shele and Irida …
    Feeling proud to be a part of this elite body, Atunis, which is doing wonderful job.

  3. I have gone through the review written by Agron Shele, I have already read Sunita Paul’s poems and impressed by her thoughts and the art of expression, they way she delineated her feelings, it all is the evidence that the author is inwardly and outwardly a splendid being and always lives in poetry that in fact is ambrosia for her and it has made her an ever living character.

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