Invitation for the Anthology “MEMORIAM” / By Dr. Shivputra Kanade & Sunita Paul

In the fond memory of my mother whom I lost 24 years back, today I bring you an anthology in remembrance of people dead n gone or alive but lost from our lives.


Presenting an anthology of poems inked with love …. From down memory lanes. Send us poems based on the memories which are always a part of your existence. It can be bitter, or sweet…. Of people, who may have died and gone but are forever alive in our memories, of some people who we may have lost in life’s race … Some tears, some smiles, some pains, some fond memories, scribble them all over again and bring them to life in MEMORIAM

We wish to bring out this book in multi-coloured HB edition.

1. Poem must be original and unpublished
2.Poem must be in #Englishonly
3. Only one poem is allowed
4. Your bio information within 100 words in third person narration alongwith your high resolution minimum 5 photos of the contributors, and if possible photos of the dedicated person too
6. Selected contributors will get the e-copy of published book
7. No submission fee
8. Submission Deadline: 28thFebruary 2018.

Do forward your contributions to
We look forward to your participation.

Warm Regards,
Shivputra Kanade
& Sunita Paul


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