Poem by Monsif Beroual

Poem by Monsif Beroual



I feel so disappointed to know that world poetry
Is not that what we were thinking about it
Or we imagined once
True friendship
Sharing love peace harmony tolerance for all human kind
When we see some want to haunt world poetry to damage it with their agenda
To control others
To treat other poets as slaves
To force others to not be free
To control poets thoughts
To destroy other organizations
nobody will accept to be part of games
Or lies
Why leaders
Why followers
In fact all poets Are equal
That is world poetry
Noone born to be slave for someone

All we want as poets to create happiness
To create bridges of harmony
To accept all colors all races
Cause in the end we are all belong to the same root human beings
We shall respect each others
And love each others
There’s no enemies

I’m so disappointed to see some use poetry or art for other goals
To control
And to hurt others
Hidden under verses of love But in fact they are so dark

The world been created for all
And special world poetry it accept all
But some organizations play dirty games
All they do to destroy those who are not under their system

Hope so world poetry will not be chained anymore
Let that world in peace
Cause poets all they want to share love and peace
Without hatred or working for hidden agenda
World poetry is not for sold
Poetry world it always free for all poets
To share their beautiful feelings
Creating bridges for harmony not hate.


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