Poems by Olfa Philo

Poems by Olfa Philo


Magnetic Woman

Magnetic woman
walking down the street
turning heads,
blowing minds,
blocking traffic,
making hearts beat…
For her, some displayed their cars
& offered her rides,
others displayed their
financial muscles and castles,
others couldn’t help singing her praises,
others with their pants down tempted
her expectations to rise!

But …

when she turned a blind eye on them,
they felt belittled & darted her ears
with insults, blasphemes &
obscene words…
Disgusted by their incorrigible heat
by their awful offers unfit,
carried on her way
her head held HIGH
laughing secretly
at their ‘shit’!

wondering about
the frailty of those so –to- speak
‘proud’ lions at her sight
turning into sheep,
about the domestic cats
metamorphosing all of a sudden into wolves,
about those barking dogs
hungry for her ‘meat’…

She knew she had such power
to have them all under her feet,
but just had pity for those mere
‘puppets’ with neither souls nor wit…

Had they perceived the
beating diamond
she’s housing inside,
they would have been
dazzled by its light &
recovered reason and insight,
they would have been ashamed of
the inert diamonds of
their trivial trade,
they would have been
ashamed of being unable
to hit their target
ashamed of reducing themselves to

( Published in the American HyperTexts Review- Nov 2014)



She plotted through all means to land up in my bed
Doesn’t she know that my pen can cut heads?

Enjoy now my jail and my choking walls!
And let me celebrate freedom’s and fame’s calls…

Lust won’t last,
You failed to forecast!

Discover now the illusional golden cage!
You’ll soon be haunted by boredom and rage…

You feel powerful to use an occult means grasped by none?
I am the sorcerer of words and of you I’ll make fun !

The demons you priorly installed in your prey
Will soon turn against you and make you pay!



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