On Bidding Farewell To 2017 / Poem by Muhammad Shanazar

On Bidding Farewell To 2017

For the last several days, I had been impatient,
I had cherished a desire in my heart,
To have a discourse
With the last descending Sun of 2017.

Then at last the evening came
And I stood on the roof of my rented house,
While I was bidding farewell to my friend
Who gave us light and warmth the whole year,
I saw the gestures of annoyance on His forehead.

As I addressed Him, he too heeded to me
But I began to hear deafening cries,
That reached me wafting on the wings of air.
The Sun looked at me as if he was attentive,
He was though old yet sanguine,
But gasping as our beats began fast
While reaching the home in the evening.

At the same moment I saw smoke rising up,
Spreading into all firmament
Polluting the crimson twilight
And hung between me and the sun.

It was the smoke rising up from the burning Cottages and houses of Rohingya,
I bade the Sun farewell, amid smoke and cries
Neither speaking nor listening
I was hither, he was thither,
And in between was hung a smoke screen.


Poem by Muhammad Shanazar


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