Poem by Rama Krishna Perugu

Poem by Rama Krishna Perugu
For once if you look back
everything looks so strange and amazing too!
We know how far we travelled
by mastering the language of life.
Hmm…its like striking a sweet conversation
with a conglamorate of myriad segments of life.
When own we a beautiful bounty
we turn into sated heart-homes
that just opened their eye-doors.
Reminiscences, sweet and sour of the past…
of having played with the fire
and fondled flowers tender;
make us stand upright
like men…real men of dignity and stature.
Your body adorned with wilted lilacs
of so many bygone springs
and ruddy scars of healed bruises
engraved by the long forgotten Autumns
make you feel proud!
It’s well…like a resting soldier’s feeling;
whom every wound on his body
greets like a memento of savage battles
he fought in the past!
The moments of past
that burst out by a mere touch
spread out before your eyes
like the placid oeuvres
of Lord Buddha’s life Chronicles!
Looking back means
nuzzling and cuddling fondly the halcyon days
in dazzling reds and soothing greens!
Why not…look back!

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