Poems by Bindi Sharma

Poems by Bindi Sharma



Person’s most useful asset is not
The head full of knowledge.
But a heart full of love
An ear ready to listen and
A hand willing to help

Your hardest times often
Lead to the greatest moments
Of your life
Follow faith it will all be
Worth it in the end

Faith is a place of mystery
Where we find the courage
To believe in what we cannot see
And strength to let go of our
Fear of uncertainty
So follow the courage of the
Because it is greater than
The power of the mind

To enjoy life live your life
With faith
As if through the eyes of a
Child !!

Bindi sharma @ All rights reserved 4 th of May 2017



Mindless energy
To be spent
In holidays
Called real
U leave your
Brains at home
And be in mindless
Entertainment !

During this eurorail travel from Frankfurt to Zurich
Your heart was tied down to mine
Often seen you turned very possessive
In foreign land
Flight of imagination, when
Imagination takes
You dwell always in my dreams
Prophetic world of private dreams
So universal tornedoes
They come to us with lots of
Fluroscent colours
Our travel through euro rail
Fastest train journey
Nostalgic enough
I was alive in you
So you ignited in me
Zypsy desires
Of unending travel in life
Was so protected so much cared
Ur presence by my side
Love to be in tight sleep
To dream of once promised
Wonder world of Rome
Meeting you there in fluroscent
Unlock the hidden powers of your
Dreams in violet !!

Bindi sharma 4th June 2016 All rights reserved

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