Poems by Madhu Jaiswal

Poems by Madhu Jaiswal
The vibrant roaring seas,
waxing and waning enormously.
Depicting our state of mind so articulately.
Its only up to us, we are the ones to decide.
Which stature to let shine and which one to let whine.
Sea waves are symbols which depicts,
the scuffle going on in our faculty.
So many emotions going on,
running parallel in our ingenuity.
Always ruffling and rattling,
on the shores of reality.
Devoid of unanimity, things are so incalculable.
Human zeals, why art thou always so insatiable?
Enigma of life, may test your patience eventually.
Don’t loose heart, you will win ultimately.
When there’s deep passion to evolve above all.
Everything rises up eventually,
how urnest may be the fall.
A new dawn breaks with the bright sun rising up above.
Providing solace in a beautiful way to our pacing minds.
Admiring the tranquil view,
blissful thoughts ebb and flow in my bosom.
Colourful hues fills the vibrant sky with golden rays.
I wonder O Divine! thou, show amity in so many wonderful various ways.
Embracing you in my thoughts I retire.
Feeling the eternal bliss, that I adhere.
Missing all the enthrallments my world seems barren.
Deep down, intensely my heart just yearn.
Waves of emotions, ruffling in an unified perception.
Filling my soul with undefined agitation.
Scuffling with circumstances all around.
Coming to me like giant waves, in leaps and bounds.
Bonded by heart, struck by realism.
Basking in the glory of perpetual sufism.
This blissful adherence is divine’s grace.
Merging our beings in eternal eminence.
May be, may be not.
On the contrary its ought.
Giving hope one minute.
And in a jiffy its extreme draught.
The legacy is upholstered by the one.
Whom we let more to be brawn.
On a notch scale it is,
peripheral undying insticts.
Life keep circulating on this.
Optimising and figuring.
Dividing and degrading.
Realising and relating.

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