Poems by Neelam Malik

Poems by  Neelam Malik


The Fountain Valley of Love

Now my dear humanity
Let us breathe peace
Remember love is love
Hundred-hues but all pious
Pearls of graceful abode
Crush that grumbling grudge
Let that cacophony fly
Murdering all avarice and ego climbs
Neutrality and equanimity, equipoise
Nostalgic for the apex abode of love
Where dwells thou and l
The fountain valley of love
I like,that l found in my every pristine vibe.


A Clarion Call

A naked reality ,
unfortunately prevails ,
subtle in the peasant’s life .
He cherishes
his fields fruition.
Mellowness,harvest –the reaper
adores and adorns
but alas !his belly wails
for twice a food.
Ironically,the vibes play
with a clarion call.
And asks the leaders
of the day–richness,progress
on the planet–l could not feel.
Who cares for these
dying for food?
A numbness
in the heart runs ,
the maker and the framer
yearns for the fragrance
of his own frame.
Smiles under the veils
optimistic eyes crave.
Sow seeds of goodness
all around and let
that dying breathe.


Forlorn First

First rain of first love, l had a glimpse in my forlorn lands
Love that dived deeper in the inner shrine
Orb of hues mesmerized the heart with reverence
Bella and precious light decked the fathomless ocean
In the arcana of this profession away from the mundane minds
Ostentation finds no vibes of rhymes
Winning laurels and cacophony crushes
Melting the avalanche in solitude of ecstatic white
A pyramidal beehive with drenching of nectarines
And fragrance of jasmine and roses adorn the globe
My forehead smeared with tranquilised kumkum
The spiritual kiss like the Keatsean urn’s palpitations
Alchemists and precious friends dance and dine
A brave new world is like dew drops that craves in caves of serenity
Curvaceous fires enlarge in my love -castle
Bells toll with a clarion call unveiling the clandestine rendezvous
My first love became eternal adoring the love bites
My soul shines in HIS image and light
Churning the corporal forms of the raw framework
Perseverance and peace are my eternal guests l ignite
Numbness in my heart and a music flows through my every nerve
My first rain of love cleansed me in HIS light.


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