Poems by Swapna Behera

Poems by Swapna Behera


The Tallest Boy On The Village Road

Here walks the tallest boy
On the Village Road
Like a palm tree
On his wooden legs – a stilt

He dances, twists with the tune
A sensational winter morning
Eyes dazzle with the rhythm
Weaves the stories around him

The small boy sitting near granny
Enjoys the show with big eyes
Puzzled with the web of fantasies
He dreams ,dreams and dreams
Can he be as tall as the dancer ?

He can pluck mangoes from top branches
Can look down to the fat boy with pride
The sync goes on and on
The Nagara and Dholok beat vigorously

Poor boy on the stilt jumps and jumps
Blasts his source and resource
Showing his master skill on long pace
Handful bounty lil green leaves on the cloth bag
A few give others look with blank eyes

The team of son and father pack up the show
Father counts the money
Son gets down from the sky to the ground
The show goes on and on
The tall boy waits for the next destination

He is a puppet without the string
Tall or short ; road or village
He can never take a decision
Only can balance his body mind
And soul ??- who bothers
Hunger is taller than his soul !!!


My Lost Signature

I searched my lost authentic signature
In the woods, sky azure and in the nature
In the North saw the question of the Polar star

Searched my curved signature in the deep ocean
the dolphins jumped high with a curve question

searched my smiley signature
on the highways with my fast running luxury vehicle
the line written at the back of the auto
“If comes back will be yours”

Searched my proud iconic alphabets
In my check book, pan cards ,visa cards
All digital numbers of signature difficult to remember

Searched it on the lips of the morning tea cup
My signature changeth everyday with my mood

Searched it on the sea shore
Where I wrote with all arts on a sand house
The cruel tide washed it away

Searched it in my heart
The heart said “ Were you loyal to weak and mild?”

Searched it on the pages of my old books
Books were thrown as all they need only digital books

“Dear signature, Are you lost or am I lost ?
Or both swing, swirl to compliment the other
With a hope to supplement in future – – – !!!”

Copyright Swapna Behera


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