Dr. Sonia Gupta is an Indian poet, who is a dentist by profession. She is a well known name in Hindi and English literature with her solo four English and two Hindi poetry books published. Her poems have been published in various anthologies, magazines and newspapers. She has received numerous awards in poetry competitions organized by various literary groups. She is also fond of paintings, singing, designing, knitting and teaching.
O life, you brought so many hurdles
Put me and my mind into troubles
Garden of love became nest of hatred
All around, I found envy and betrayal!
My pain flowing as ocean of tears
I got surrounded by unknown fears
My own self was losing its strength
I did not know what all had happened!
Whole world appeared to be murky
I myself kept on seeking sympathy
It felt as if everything got over for me
And no divine power was there for me!
Enough now, ‘Not this time’, O life
I will cross all your hurdles to survive
You have given me one reason to get down
I will provide you thousands to wear crown!
Neither a bus nor cycle
I have got only one vehicle
My mind with its thoughts
Wandering as king or ghosts!
I do not need to wait
Always open are its gate
It can ride me to heaven
Sometimes even in ocean!
No ticket, no pass required
It’s warranty never gets expired
No traffic jams or hindrance
It travels without expense!
Aha! What an awesome vehicle
Brings such a wonderful miracles
Covers a voyage of real life
Always accompanies till one survives!
Copyright @Dr Sonia Gupta

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