Poem by Dr. Koshy Ampat Varghese

Poem by Dr.  Koshy Ampat Varghese
Presently Assistant Professor
Department of English
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Jazan University
Saudi Arabia
Love is tragic,
Loving someone more
Than It is loved back
Who, in her turn
Loves others who love others
More than she who spurns Love
Does them
Though she thinks otherwise
While Love Itself
Spurns those who love It
More than It does
Her who spurns It.
You tried to love God
But you didn’t quite make it
You tried to love Christ
but it ended the same
You tried to love
your family
your wife, your muse
and your children
and failed at it all
You always failed at love
You also failed your friends
and at your work
You even failed at
the only thing you are good at
your writing
You must be peculiar
unique, original, special
differently abled, highly gifted at failure,
one of a kind
Yet you go on.
You have to let everyone go
Then those who still speak to you
are the ones
who want something from you
or actually love
Stick to the latter
Let everyone else go.
When small
father mother brothers sister relatives
they love you
and when you grow up
wife children and friends
you have to love
If you can’t make the successful
you failed
grow up
and still want to be loved.

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