Poems by Dr. Ranjana Sharan

Poems by Dr. Ranjana Sharan



Under a blue estival sky
a slow- moving river
meanders between bosky banks.
In dappled shade
I find my favourite ferns–
Beautiful, alluring!
The fern fronds with tiny spirals
have burgeoned into bright green leaves
shaped like feathers;
My fingers linger on the familiar foliage
soft and hairy!
The emerald enters into my soul:
Hope, happiness,renewal!
But beyond the green mass,
lifeless leaves withered by the sun
sleep on the earth– brown and dead.
I feel sad and heavy:
Can’t dwell upon the happiness
the summer has brought me–
Opalescent dawn turns into sombre sunset!



Mother! dear mother!!
My being’s creator–
My first god
To bring me into this world.
You moulded and shaped me
I know not how to thank thee!
I do believe that God couldn’t be everywhere
Therefore, He created mothers.
Helping me physically,
Supporting me emotionally;
Your life a great tale of sacrifice,
For me you stood firm in fire and ice!
When l cried and felt low
From your eyes tears did flow.
Pious, pure, an incarnation of God,
An ocean of love unconditioned!
But now you’re gone
I find myself alone:
Within me waves of memory crashes
Amid shadows of sadness!



Cold December morning
grey and misty
mourns the death of the sun.
I look out of the window:
Fog like the clouds
has settled in my front yard
Trees have become silhouettes
against a blanket of white.
In the still silence
I feel the hug of the whitened haze.
I just want to bury myself in the fog!
The hug feels so special:
The slight smoky smell
makes my nostrils prickle with nostalgia;
the moist touch unleashes
a flood of memories
intense and striking:
I find myself
falling through my memories
backwards in time–
My childhood, my adolescence!
An ache to retreat!

Copyright@ Dr. Ranjana Sharan



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