Poems by Lopamudra Mishra

Poems by Lopamudra Mishra


Our relation

Little common and bit uncommon
Is our relation.
Little spicy and bit juicy ,
Is our connection,
Little softness and of course tenderness,
For each other is the addition ,
ties us to the strong knot of affection,
Soul indentifies and mind accepts ,
This significant ocean of emotion,
we rear feelings with in us with adoration ,
An unique relation on the path of formation.



I sprinkled thoroughly the rose petals ,
On the floor,
Exclusively for you,
To prevent you from the spikes on route,
I absorb each expenditure to become close to you,
My creations were neglected,
My canvas is smashed,
By the sword ,you carried ,
The sharp edges hurt me,
I am not fearful for the oozing blood,
Nor I weep for the intense pain ,
My body suffers from,
I bleed for the wounds on my core,
Your bayonet played its role,
The effect is vigorous,
Every rose petals I preserved ,
In these years is flying on high horizon,
Seeing it fleeting ,I wipe my tears…..


In Silence…

In silence our story breathes,
In silence the blizzard creeps,
In silence the breeze exchanges the notes of heart,
In silence we see each other through imaginative glance,
In silence ,we hear the buzz ,louder than hurricane,
Cooler than icy stalk,
In silence ,we break the bridge,
Running on the stairs of heaven ,
Singing and dancing on the rhymes of Beethoven,
In silence ,we step to the Ocean of love,
Ride on the waves ,and sail as long as ocean stretch,
In silence, we reach to the mountain peck,
Trek in clouds and float with the dazzling celestial stiff,
Silent and silence is two portions of our story stuff.

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