Souvenirs of Cacophony..! / Poem by Monika Ajay Kaul

Poem by Monika Ajay Kaul
Souvenirs of Cacophony..!
I remember the virescent countryside,
once upon had meant zilch to me.
The euphony of chirping birds
made my heart tedious all the time.
How I wished to leave and scoot,
that piercing winter chill behind me.
and ebulliently head for central heating,
contrived green gardens devoid of birds,
granite counters and glass edifice..!!
Pondered I, did I put my efforts for refinement?
Now my novel, imaginative world is
a labyrinth of soulless grey;
grey highways, grey concrete and grey skies.
Often I find if modernity
has planted a tree or sowed some seeds,
or the symphony of zephyr is just passing by..!!
Now a picture of snow clads haul me home,
fill my lungs with fresh and flowery scent of air
and remind me of those I left on the other side.
To beat my blunder, I take a leaf in my hands,
dry it at home to a skeleton in my old diaries;
before mounting and gracing it on a hued card.
Each leaf is a cue’ of memoire’.. left behind;
of my loved ones’ smiles n tears,.
and a ‘Souvenir of my Cacophony..!!’
~©Monika Ajay Kaul

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