Love Is A Thunderstorm / Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali

Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali


Love Is A Thunderstorm

Your love is a thunderstorm that crushes and hits my bones.
Its rumbling triggers that flash of lightning that speaks to me.
Now, its heavy rain knocks the core of my soul.
Drops of water keep falling from the sky
I open my thirsty mouth to sip their ecstasy while my empty bowl revels in the pure nectar of your Holy Grail streaming cats and dogs over the soaked roof of my heart.
The roaring of the clap of thunder, its crushing in the sky, and the shouting of the flash of lightning heard nearby
The large dark cloud catching light , now becomes so familiar to my soul, streaming heavy rain into its empty bowl.
Love thirsts for this thunderous applause, thwaking hard the nebula of its night sky,
Where its mass of dust pours liquid bright stars in the form of snowflakes, soft pieces of frozen water, rolling down from the stormy weather of my soul.

Jenayah Hela Tekali
( copyright 07/02/18)
Love is a Thunderstorm


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