Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra

Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra



Most of the time, I dream
it makes me sick,

I am sick of love
just don’t know what to do……

I am looking at my shadow…..
watching the colours are changing
from blue to red, then maroon….

I am riding the midnight express train, nowhere to reach
standing alone on the doorway,

I am sick of love
I hear someone’s distant cry

let me forget you,
as if I never met you…..
forgive me,

I fell in love with you…….



Alphabet of love
Behind the rock
Silence sets on
A stranger and a lover

Footprints on the cobblestone
Memories of blue eyes
Silence in the wind
Wings of the dream

Chasing mad blue eyes
In the December cold
Arrogant night
Raging silence

Memories of lost war of love
Lay wounded
Without shadows

(C) Asoke Kumar Mitra, Feb 5,2018, kolkata India.


Sleepless Nights…

Silent midday crawls, turns into night
Infinite nothingness upturned the sky
Colourless hunger, greed, and death
Moon will be silent in deep meditation

Pain and love, hope and rage
Many excitement
endless fairies dance
Night fell into a trance
Dew-drenched morning
Snatches it away
Sleepless eyes
Storm-filled night’s delight

Many sleepless nights
And the falling leaves of late winter
Placid rhythm
Tearful longing…

Strange aroma of love
In the night sky

(C) Asoke Kumar Mitra,Feb 12-2018, Kolkata, India

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