The Tarnished / Poem by Ipsita Ganguli

Poem by Ipsita Ganguli
The Tarnished
Colour swung by
An ephemeral afternoon,
On a pristine palette of white
Spotless, like a memory purified.
Beautiful; yet unreal and dead.
Till She
Walked all over the spotless.
Little nymphette!
Breathing pink hues,
And yellow flames.
A dream…
She vanished into dust,
Shimmering gold
In the slant
Of the ray
From the sun
With a sweep and a hue
Burn red
As the sun sets
And the White
Is a tarnished tangerine
In the twilight zone.
The flowers saw it all.
But …will they
Live ; to tell the tale?
Copyright ~ Ipsita Ganguli

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