A New Life / Poem by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

A New Life
A new beginning –
Greets me while the Royal Sun
Beams brightly –
Over immaculate white, cottony clouds
And sky-blue heavens above –
I spotted a shy, red robin with a deep orange tail perched –
On a fragile, thin branch
Of a beauteous, pink Cherry Blossom tree –
Humming a rhythmic melody from my distant revelry –
Of memories forever embedded on my mind,
Carried in my heart when I think of you.
Butterflies –
They eagerly flock to where fragrant flowers abound –
With colorful hues –
Captivating strangers roaming around the prairie –
Yes, a new beginning is at a glance
Gives the air a sweet smell of a blooming romance
Is it ok to take your hand and ask you to dance?
Among sunflowers that surround the green fields,
Orange and yellow tulips, dainty daffodils.
A new ray of Hope –
Is at the horizon with the onset of Spring
A new life ahead –
Of a once dull and meaningless existence,
Embrace the calming effect of a lovely Spring day –
Bringing Hope, Faith and Peace
Breathing new life, a fresh start!
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Copyright March 14, 2014
***artwork in charcoal and oil pastel, “The Colors of Spring”
by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, Copyright January 24, 2018



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