Poems by Vandita Dharni

Poems by Vandita Dharni


My Valentine

The glimmer of candlelight makes the night
wink at our little rendezvous,
radiating its warmth,
permeating through the dimly lit room
where we secretly meet_
our souls ignited,
our eyes reflecting,
endorsing the permanence of our love.

The lusty moon dressed in silken white
is flaunted by the stars that shimmer
an ecstasy that gravitates through the room,
leaving us in a mute embrace.
Our lips tasting the ambrosia of love,
curving into a scintilating saga
of unbounded, untethered love.

I ask my Valentine, “Will you be mine forever?”
If there is a realm beyond,
I wish to surrender my eternity,
to him and him alone..
I seek to cherish this moment
as he falls down on bended knees
wrapping my finger with a solitaire_ timeless
and sealing my destiny with a promise.

Copyright@ Vandita Dharni. All Rights Reserved 2018.


Cherubims Divine

The sky, a maze of wispy clouds,
looked blue as the placid water below.
The white doves glided across its cushiony bed,
where a host of trumpets heralded
the departing of another anguished life.
My transparent soul felt a serenity, a peace,
the most quintessential form of ecstacy,
I had ever experienced before.

It dawned on me _
had I not reached my destination?
I noticed an open door; and surrounding it
in ceasesless circles, was an array of cherubims.
encircling a beautiful lady in blue,
a deity sublime;
an epitome of innocence and grace,
the ethereal virgin herself.

My heart leapt for joy
bursting forth tears of happiness.
I had found my hope, my peace,
my fountain of love.
Render your tenderness, your mercies on us,
and a hope for tomorrow.
Save us with your peace,
the peace which passes all understanding.

Copyright@ Vandita Dharni. All Rights Reserved 2018


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