Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



I am here on your wedding breathing hard,
It is the last nail in the coffin tearing me apart,
Although I had a choice not to attend as a coward,
But I gathered my courage to see you move forward.

I am glad I came to bid you farewell forever,
My heart also needed a definite closure,
Waiting for you everyday was a torture,
Now it’s final we can never be together.

I know my tears are falling watching you go,
You are so lovely in your white gown you glow,
As you walk the aisle smiling in motion slow,
I am sad as you smile at me in your flow.

I am grateful for the time we spend in love,
You were like a sweet angel from above,
You deserve to be happy and I wish you well from my heart,
You will always remain my first love and as friends we depart.



My pen has a heavenly mind ,
So are the poets and artists inclined,
Rake,snip and prune ,
Violent, aggressive overgrowth ,
Nip in the bud , truce ,
Teach at home and school,
To be a peaceful presence,
To be men of letters and cool ,
Develop feelings of love,compassion,
Empower empathy and kindness,
For world’s sustainable progress
Instill hope and faith to the lost ,
Courage to downtrodden,oppressed ,
Food for starving generous,
An end to hatred blind rage ,
Impoverish the poor on wage,
Visualise the world in cosmic bliss,
Open all doors for sacred peace,
In the ocean of love drown immense tears,
Peace lies in eyes without fears,
Embrace the common man’s dream ,
Awaken the power of good in streams ,
Let the light of grace reside ,
Let opportunity focus on bright side.

Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright

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