Poems by Muhammad Ismail

Poems by Muhammad Ismail


A poem. I I Night

Night. I Beautiful
Pure and white.
I didn’t see a night

Night. I If you see her
I feel it. Her beauty.
To hate the sun and its day
Put it on. I And claim your Lord.
Hand it over. I Night

Night… Full Moon Norah
Her face.
And her stars hold lulu
On her chest.
I’ll count it. I Hey, promise.
Dead ạtbsmt him. I Night

And that shown
I’m sorry.
I didn’t see lightning in her name
I didn’t hear thunder or even rain
D. I Call it.
Never hurt an ant.
A child invites you.
Take it in your lap.
Chuck on it. I Against her.
And he slicked her hair.
And Pure Chocolate, and it’s yours
You Wind, you like, you forget.
– everything. I Night

Night. I What’s her best heart
White. I Help the whole world
Even though it is. I His.
His Queen is on her throne.
An hour of what you need.
Closer to your mother and a man from your father.
And who kẖlfwk at your hour
See who’s in your back
He got it next to you. I Night

Night. I It’s my first night.
I knew it.
And the last night of my life. I If day
A day. I I The sun
A night gone.


A poem. I I Directed

From inside a wave. I I don’t.
I’m in the water.
I’m still alive.
I haven’t drowned yet.

From inside a wave. I I don’t.
I only hear water.
I realize. I There’s sky.
The Sunbeam. Sneaking.

From inside a wave. I I don’t.
It shortens the world in an air circle.
Circle allowed or available
My Destiny and my share

From inside a wave. I I don’t.
Like what looks. I From the peephole.
However the wave goes
It’s simply a bit of a stretch.
Being considered. I Directed
Or perspective. I What?
But it’s not my point. I Things.


Ravishing in grey

the child
in your eyes
challenge the wrinkles
in your face
the charms
of your smile
make all tomorrow’s
better days
the eternity youth
fo your soul
makes you (Aphrodite)
with grey hair


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