Poems by Shivalal Sharma

Poems by Shivalal Sharma
Surprisingly to my neighbours
Those secretly jealous of me
I bleed black under their shade
Suffocating the aromas of the incredible reds
Evading their toxic looks I tilt
My scaly deformed little head
Tucked perilously over flimsy nodes
To whisper to the morning rays
Hello world! Distinct I dwell;
A crow in a flock of cranes
Painted black among the roses red
I don’t shine, not because I am black
I am not infertile, I am not being loved
My nectars doesn’t whiff to excite the bees
I ponder, thoughts freeze,
With heartache in all seasons of life
Do colors regard impurity?
If so, what colors fill my veins?
I have lost my paradise
No idea where I belong
Among the shrubbery or the open meadows
Homeless I wander in chaos
Citizen of nowhere I am
Buds and petals get detached
Falls silently to the grave
But no men wonder,
Why was I a black rose among the garden of reds??
all rights reserved.
Peace speaks
Hypocrisy is not where I dwell,
I am not born in a hatred spell.
I am void to deafening explosions.
There are tears and blood in the cacophony of rapid gunfire.
I am blind, dump and deaf,
Where darkness surrounds me
Colours, race, caste and creed
I do not judge in any breed.
Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and Sikhs
So forth and so all
Are creations of the same God
And I am born in every blood.
Love is my home.
I bloom where people know the value of humanity is priceless.
Neither superior non inferior, I am
In every heart of the rich and the poor
I dwell in the call of the angels
In the rupture of the flutes of the lord
In respect, equality, justice, acceptance and love
For myriads of years
I am the lord for those who believe in me,
The creator of the universe
Faith in evil spirit
And trust in brotherhood.
I am born in the world of light.
I trust in demolishing harmful beliefs,
Eradicating poverty, superiority and inferiority,
Annihilating racism, religions, colours and creed
I believe in love and humanity
I am peace and I wish for a dawn of ease
And I pray for the world to be
A beautiful place to live
©Shivalal Sharma

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