Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal

Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal
The Masterpiece of Brokenness
Standing in front of a broken mirror,
Shattered into numerous flawed pieces,
Observing hundreds and thousands of forms of the same visage,
Resulted from the level of collapse it suffered,
Showing diversified forms of brokenness,
All irregular, all awkward.
Its thoughts, its existence, all filled with piercing small particles,
The feeling, the suffering appearing clear to the onlooker,
The mirror and the watcher looked towards each other,
With some hope, for some consolation, for some healing,
But their wounded reflection that they can see through each other,
Informed them of their incompetence.
But, knowing all about their flawed existence and ineptitude,
They attempted to put pieces together to appear complete,
The watcher took a large canvas,
Spreading the odd pieces with bleeding hands,
Spreading a number of paints to the brokenness,
Gluing everything together with excellence,
And converting all into a masterpiece,
Of himself and the wrecked.
Screaming of Silence
Have you listened to the screaming of silence?
The silence screams with all its courage
Horrifying even the satanic souls
The scream loud enough,
To start sadistic earthquakes,
Perforate deep into the earth,
Drag the molten lava out of the crust,
Bring in exploding storms,
Annihilate all the living and nonliving.
But the screaming is silenced by the eternal Listener,
Who promises of impartiality and justice.
Silence seeks help from no earthlings,
But from Him who is all powerful,
Who keeps the strength to sooth the silence.
Clumsy Relationships
Living with you for millions of years
To seek support and blood supply,
They remain close clumsily,
Just for their own survival.
Showing you that they are very dear and near,
But actually very far and quite distant,
Within the same premises,
But actually very far and quite distant,
With the availability of an option,
Of a separate survival,
Finding another shade and blood bank,
They take milliseconds to liberate themselves,
Of your love, care and devotion,
By just negating,
Your efforts of millions of years,
By exclaiming about their captivity,
By shrieking about your exploitation,
By rejecting everything that once provided them
with the life energy, the very source of survival.

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