Poems by Bindi Sharma

Poems by Bindi Sharma



Talk to self once in a day
Otherwise you miss a meeting
An excellent person…….
Who knows you in and out
Open your eyes to the
Beauty of the world and mind
To the wonders of life
And lastly open your heart to
Those who love you unconditionally
Secret of being happy is accepting
Where you are in life
And with whom you are in this world !
Happiness will take its time
So hope for the best
Yet to come !!!

Bindi sharma @ All rights reserved. 9 th of February 2018


Peace and Love

The beauty of this world
And it’s charm for me of
No use
Everyone is so horribly
All over human bombs
Its suicidal to mankind
In whom I lay my
Trust ?
And whose trust I can
Hold ?
Noble and virtuous
Are far behind now
No reason no faith
No religion culture
To be trusted
It’s great upheaval
In the world forum
In this dark night
Don’t dare to believe
What they say may be
True !
Because peace and love
Like two twin sisters
Walk together but
Sometimes one goes
In front
Other stay
Behind !!!!

Bindi Sharma @ All rights reserved 19 th February 2017

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