Let peace be the latest fashion! / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn

Let peace be the latest fashion!

Have you heard the wails of grieving mothers ?
The shattered shards of shrapnel
Deeply embedded in their mourning hearts ?

Have you seen the vacant eyes of orphans
Gazing piteously in the horizon
Scanning their broken world for a glimpse of their parents ?

Have you watched the streams turn red with the blood of innocent women ?
Raped , molested , shamed in the name of some god or the other ?

Have you watched a man limp home on crutches ?’
The sole bread earner of his family
Sitting in a wheelchair ?
His spirit crushed with inane war ?
His dreams ripped apart with senseless gun fire?

Let peace flourish like an Easter lily
Let the morning dew ease the strife
Let babies live in safe homes
Let peace be the eternal raaga
Crooned in each corner of this fractured world
Let peace be the latest fashion!!

Copyright Lily Swarn 21.2.2018

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