Take me there ( Inspired by Muhd Ismail ) / Poem by Nutan Sarawagi

Poem by Nutan Sarawagi
Take me there
Inspired by Muhd Ismail
Hug me dear hug me tight
I am the Will O’Wisp always on flight
take me there in the world of dreams
where the world stops in its dreams
where there is no one to call your own
where the world is one large round earth
to roam
where there is no fear of death
where the world is eternal free of death
where the skies are forever coloured in blue
where the waters are never harnessed
they flow to you
where love is free to roam the sky
where there are no boundaries in loves knot to tie
where love is never spoken it is the unspoken word
where everyone laughs nobody is hurt
where there are no demons to hide behind in the dark
where love is greeted with love even in the dark
where the clouds fly free the wind never stops
where the golden sun sets in its colours
in rays so stark
Where the world is golden
painted in its royal hues
where the birds fly home in the dark
where love heralds the new morn in its dew
where the rain drips in its love
making the world once again feel new
where the air is so fresh the flowers smell in you
its dewdrops reflecting its colours in you
where the world is painted in many colours of love
where skin doesnt decide the colour in which to love
where humans are bound with each other in the same thread of love
where we dont need Gods fear to keep love in love
where humanity lives in itself never failing in its love to love
where it doesn’t have to proclaim to stop itself in it’s hate
in its love failing to love just falling in love
like the bees and the pollens which meet in the flower
to shower in their love
in the fruit of love
Born in love
Copyright @ Nutan Sarawagi 2017

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