Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma



In the quest of chasing dreams
We get exhausted and breathe
The musty smell of life
Emitted from our bearing
Which is galvanized
Into mercurial chores of hours
Under the pellucid sky
To fill our glistening bellies
Hankering for ego and indulgence
Discarding ripples of destinies
As if a snared deer!

Sagacious tales of life
Dart as whimsical butterflies
In the emollient air
And our persistent chores
Get disillusioned
By the crimson light of realities
Waltzing in the stiffening
Dark night
Thawing in silence!

Expecting a new dawn
Beyond peevish yearn
We try to open our eyes
But to clasp meted tales
Of corroding morsel of fates
Whirling across the sky!



Why to worry
You are always there
In the open space
Signifying an existence
Like a rock
Clasping tenacious soil of the hills.

But you are required to know
The art of piercing
With transparent mind
To shake aside
Spilling shadows
Floundering across.

And you need to caress
A palpitating life
That you deserve
As a mimicry
In this spanking universe!



Life, an unfurled page
A puzzle
A frivolous dream
A ruffling windy insistence
A blazing day light
Of mercurial destiny.

Riddle of appearance and disappearance
Like an oasis in the desert
Gleaming in dapling shine.

A drive for jocund hopes
Like silhouettes
Across the woods
And unrequited hollowing quests
Merged in borrowed hours of time.

An elusive chapter
To be opened by oneself
With the alphabets of manhood
Percolated on fateful ground !

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