Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn


It’s come!

It’s come!
The fragrant breeze that comes each year
Slightly damp with unshed tears
A brave gust of fresh new spring
Riding on puffs of folk songs
Handed down from generations of robust women
Flying across the tinkling stream
Where egrets stop for a hasty bath
And the fawn pauses to catch a breath

It’s come!
The mating call of strutting peacocks
Daintily walking on village rooftops
Showing off their brilliant plumage
Amidst groves and swamps of festering wounds
The slush and dejection of numerous aches
Knocking urgently on castle doors
It’s come !

Copyright Lily Swarn 24.2.2018



A poultice of love placed carefully on the throbbing of your burning brow
Soaking up the ache of
Dejected heart
The panacea for your
numerous ailments
Relieving your fears
erasing your hurts

Copyright lily Swarn 16.11.2015


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