Gleeful Fireflies..!! / Poem by Monika Ajay Kaul

Poem by Monika Ajay Kaul
Gleeful Fireflies..!!
As the blackness of the night arrives,
along I could see the dazzling fireflies.
Merrily ushering in an inane swarm of bright,
like a frigid flare-up in front of my sight.
The glow minions, carried currents, mirthful,
just a glimpse of them was a sight, blissful.
as if these tiny glimmers of light,
had shimmered the summer night.
My eyes gazed at the backdrop of perfect black,
a lone firefly, scintillating as a welder’s spark.
enchanted me with its quicksilver like path
savouring me with the last beauty until dawn.

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